View from the porch

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gorgeous First Snow of 2012

Watched the beginning of the FIRST snow fall late last night by spotlight, then woke up to our first white winter wonderland.  Our favorite time of year!  All day I watched the light play with the green trees and dusting of white.  Finally took photos mid-afternoon of a lovely, gorgeous day.  Enjoy the views and the hues...  Lynn

                                                             From our porch to N, ~2 pm

                                                             From our porch to NE, ~2pm

                                                            From baywindow to E, ~2 pm 

                                                          From outside w porch to NW, ~3pm

                                                        From outside w porch to SW, ~3pm

                                           From outside w porch back up the hill to S, ~3pm

                                          My favorite, from back porch zoomed to catch the light.
                                          Can see the light that caught my eye in previous view.

                                          Back to porch to N looking at Glacier Park, ~3pm